5 Tips To Improve Mental Health In Seniors

Top 5 Tips to Improve Mental Health in Seniors As we age we may face many new challenges, some of which have to do with the possible change in our mental health such as a cognitive decline. Although that may sound scary to some you are not left without any defense against it. In this […]

What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise For Children?

mom and daughter stretching for exercises

Exercise is very beneficial for the kids. Because kids Involve in many types of diseases like depression, anxiety or even cholesterol. When kids practice exercise, exercise will enable them to get rid of depression and enhance the functions of the body.There was a time when children were playing outside, walking and cycling. In recent years, […]

Children’s Play with Different Toys

By: Signe Juhl Møller Based on a four-month experimental study of preschool children’s play with creative-construction and social-fantasy toys, the author examines the inˆuence of both types of toys on the play of preschool children. Her comparative analysis considers the impact of transformative play on the development of imagination during play activities and explores ways […]

Senior Lifestyle Expert

Many communities are building bikeways along abandoned inter-urban railway lines. Your local or county parks department can provide you with bike path locations and even maps, or you can look on Trail Link, the trails to rails conservancy, to see if there are paths near you.

What to Do When Baby Gets Sick: 7 Solutions

Indeed, parents can help docs diagnose properly. “To understand when a baby is sick, you have to understand what he’s like when he’s well–and that’s something a parent knows best,” says Paul Horowitz, MD, a pediatrician in Santa Clarita, California. Follow this guide to common childhood illnesses, how to treat them, and when to see the doctor.

Alzheimer’s Care

The course of Alzheimer’s disease is unique from person to person, but there are many common symptoms that come along with it no matter who is suffering from it. Some of these symptoms are sometimes chalked up to being age related diseases or physical manifestations of stress, which is why it is often not caught until the worst symptoms present themselves.

What To Do When Your Kid Cuts Their Own Hair

But at five years old, my sister wasn’t the best hairstylist and she completely butchered her attempt at great bangs (cutting them all the way to the top). The picture to left showcases her “new bangs” just weeks after the big cut.

Memory Loss: 7 Tips To Help

Losing Memory Can Be Tough

Can’t find your car keys? Forget what’s on your grocery list? Can’t remember the name of the personal trainer you liked at the gym? You’re not alone. Everyone forgets things occasionally. Still, memory loss is nothing to take lightly, many people suffer from this or have family people who do. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing memory loss or dementia, memory tricks can be helpful. Consider seven simple ways to sharpen your memory — and know when to seek help for memory loss.